12 Wilderness Huts in Lapland to be Renovated in Summer

Lapland wilderness huts Finland by Visit Lapland

12 Wilderness huts in Lapland will be repaired during the summer time, said Metsähallitus. There huts are situated in different parts of Lapland and out of service during the maintenance period. Travelers are recommended to avoid those huts during the renovation period.

According to the Metsähallitus, travelers can stay nearby those huts but cannot use those huts during the maintenance time. The latest information of certain huts maintenance work will be updated in the website as soon as those are available.  The work starts from April 2019.

The huts are Aatsa, Hietalahti, Kaltiolampi, Kapusta, Keimiöjärvi, Meeko, Montelinmaja, Mustavaara, Muorravaarakka, Ropi, Tappuri and Vellinsärpimän huts. During the maintenance time travelers can stay in the tents or use any other nearby huts.

Wilderness huts are open for everyone during their visit to Lapland and taking break during the trip. The users are recommended to use the services with consideration of other users of the huts who are staying at the same time. These huts are intended for the travelers normal use and not meant for any commercial use.

Käsivarsi wilderness area:

In Enontekiö Käsivarsi wilderness area the Aatsa daytrip hut and Ropi repair works will be done in April and Meeko will be in May. Aatsa daytrip hut will be closed from 14 to 30th April and Ropi will be closed from 23 to 26th April.  Meeko wilderness hut will be renovated during 6-15 May.

Pallas-Yllästunturill National Park:

In this national park area there are five wilderness huts to be renovated during Summer and autumn time. Those huts are Tappuri, Montelli, Mustavaara, Keimiöjärvi and Hietalahti.

Urho Kekkonen National Park:

Two wilderness huts in UKK national park in Inari area will be renovated. The huts are Muorravaarakka and Vellinsärpimä wilderness hut. Muorravaarakka huts maintenance works will be in July Vellinsärpimä huts in May.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park:

One of the most visited wilderness hut of Pyhä-Luosto is Kautsa daytrip hut which will be renovated this summer. There will be a new wilderness hut in Kaltiolampi replacing the old hut in the Pyhä-Luosto national park.

Kemihaara wilderness area in Uittipiekka hut, Muotkatunturi Wilderness areas Kurtojoki hut and Lemmenjoki National parks Vaskojoki huts are also in the list of renovation work.

Metsähallitus- national parks & wildlife maintenance authority maintains about 250 wilderness huts and also about 100 daytrip and rental huts.

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