Visit Lapland your dream destination in the north- our lapland Finland
Magical Night Riisitunturi & Northern Lights in Lapland Finland

Who we are?

Visit Lapland is all & everything about the incredible Finnish Lapland & the Arctic north.

Explore the magical northern life & experience the Arctic Dream.

We are a local company based in Rovaniemi, the heart of Finnish Lapland. Visit Lapland is a independent promotional platform for the Arctic North. We share the authentic life stories in our blog & social media channels.

The operations & business of Visit Lapland are designed as social good initiative and its a ‘social investment’ for the local development and promotion of Finnish Lapland & the Arctic North. 

Why Choose us

Visit Lapland is a platform of experts & always ready for any kind of support.

Our services are specialized in the tourism & hospitality industry with special concentration about Finnish Lapland. The services includes booking tours/activities & accommodation, digital marketing, branding & communications, advertisements, content production & the promotion of small local businesses.

The priority of Visit Lapland platform is not earning profit, our priority is to promote the local businesses & work to protect the nature, culture & authenticity of Lapland. All our work are operated with local social interest & it is our priority since 2014 from the beginning of ‘Visit Lapland’ initiative.

Responsible Tourism

We are committed to the sustainable & responsible development of local tourism, business & environment. To ensure that we will support the local initiatives which are promoting responsible tourism. Every year a part of our profit will be spent for the support of any local voluntary initiatives who are working in those areas.

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