Arctic Life

Smoke Sauna Experience

Opening the smoke sauna door, the comforting warmth hit me and the relief to get out of the cold. There was some quiet chatter coming from the darkness up the stairs and the atmosphere was really calming. We picked up a wooden mat to sit on and found a place.

The smoke sauna has no chimney or electric, it is heated up by burning wood for many hours and the smoke is trapped inside the room. Just before people enter, the smoke is let out the door and the stored heat continues to warm the sauna. Sitting in a hot, dark room doesn’t sound appealing but it is a unique experience that you must try.

Polar Night in Finnish Lapland- Kaamos darkness in Finland

Polar Night starts in Lapland: Next Sunrise Next Year

Experience the life without sun in the far north. Actually this is the time to experience the true nature and its diverse and magical moments as well. The Sun is on holiday for about two months.  So, NO SUN in our Lapland until next year.  Bye Bye Sunshine and welcome polar night.