Lonely Planet Ranks Rovaniemi As No.1 Winter Destination in Europe for 2020-2021

Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, has been ranked as the No.1 winter destination in Europe for 2020-2021 by one of the most respected travel sites in the world, Lonely Planet. The ‘official’ Read More


Can’t Travel to Lapland? 10 Ways to Bring Lapland to Your Doorstep

Can’t travel to Lapland this year? Missing the peace and quiet of the beautiful Lappish nature? Travel bug itching so bad it’s nearly impossible to stay still? Due to stationary travel restrictions, you may not have dared to book your holiday to Lapland this year (yet!). But fear not, there are also ways to experience Lapland from home. Visit Lapland has gathered 10 tips that provide to all your five senses and help you get in the spirit of Lapland!

Smoke Sauna Experience

Opening the smoke sauna door, the comforting warmth hit me and the relief to get out of the cold. There was some quiet chatter coming from the darkness up the stairs and the atmosphere was really calming. We picked up a wooden mat to sit on and found a place.

The smoke sauna has no chimney or electric, it is heated up by burning wood for many hours and the smoke is trapped inside the room. Just before people enter, the smoke is let out the door and the stored heat continues to warm the sauna. Sitting in a hot, dark room doesn’t sound appealing but it is a unique experience that you must try.