Experience the World’s Northernmost Design Hackathon

Dash Lapland Rovaniemi Finland design hackaton 2019

The most innovative design hackathon Dash Lapland will be held in the arctic circle in 12-14 April. The event have a got a record number of interested participants for this years challenges. According to the organizers, innovative design ideas & solutions are in the centre of the event & it has attracted participants from all over the world.

Dash Lapland Design hackaton

Dash Lapland is the world’s northernmost design hackathon organized in Rovaniemi, Finland 12.-14.4.2019. The event has 150 participants to solve challenges from six real companies in 48 hours.

It is a thrilling three-day competition where participants have a unique chance to learn about user-centricity, service design and team work. Participants will compete against each other in teams of 5-6 and the best solutions will be awarded at the end of the event.

According to the CEO of Dash Lapland, Jussi Korhonen: “Dash Lapland is not an event only for designers or coders but for people from all fields of business, social sciences and tech.

In Dash Lapland we believe in multidisciplinary so it doesn’t matter what your background is. Your motivation towards our challenges matter.”

Korhonen explains the idea of Dash Lapland further: “We have six challenges from real companies. If you want to learn how to become a better problem solver and see what user-centricity really is, you should check out our challenges and apply to Dash right now!”

So, what exactly happens in Dash Lapland?

During the main-event 12.-14.4.2019 the teams will work together to come up with a solution to the problem set by a company. On Sunday it is time to pitch the ideas and the best ideas will be awarded. Dash Lapland also has a pre-event on 30.3. where teams (formulated by Dash Lapland) gather around for the first time. In the pre-event there will be great key-note speakers from the field of service design. The pre-event is also available as a live-stream.

Dash Lapland attracted interested participants from all over the world and 200 applications (Norway, Middle-Europe, Russia, Africa, Australia).

What will the hackathon give to its participants?

According to Dash Lapland’s CEO Jussi Korhonen, a design hackathon can teach a lot about user-centricity and problem-solving. “A hackathon is also a super fun experience where you get to meet new interesting people and put your brains and innovation skills to great use”, he sums up.  

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