Frozen Waterfall Hiking In Korouoma Nature Reserve

Korouoma frozen waterfall Posio Lapland - Finland By Claudia Martens- Visit Lapland

Visit to Korouoma Frozen Waterfalls

On Saturday, 16th of January 2021, I visited the Koronjää circuit that is well known for its Frozen Waterfalls in winter time. The whole area is a natural reserve. The 10 kilometers long and, in some places, several hundred meters wide canyon was formed about 600 million years ago during a subsidence of the earth’s crust and it is one of the deepest subsidence in Europe. In some places, the steep rocky walls of the canyon rise more than 100 meters high. At the bottom of the river, you can find the Korojoki River, which ends up to the Kemijoki River. The Canyon itself is one of the most precious natural attractions in Finland and a large part of the area is protected.

Posio Korouoma canyon Lapland By Claudia Martens- Visit Lapland

In total, you can find 14 waterfalls in the Korouoma Canyon, but the trail to see these waterfalls is 25 kilometres in total and you need at least 2 days for this one.

While I was walking, I learned that the existence of this trail goes way back and it was originally an old horse track. Along the way, I noticed that they placed information boards on the trail that tells more about this interesting history.

Koronjää hiking trail- Korouoma (5 km)

I took the 5km trail, called: Koronjää trail. It took me along the 3 most massive frozen waterfalls: Jaska Jokunen (Charlie Brown), Mammuttiputous (Mammoth Fall) and Ruskea Virta (Brown River). In my opinion, it was a perfect an easy trail that takes you along all the viewing points. It was not that challenging, since it doesn’t have stairs or dangerous points. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention that the trail can be slippery sometimes (you can ask my friend who joined) if the temperature is low and the road becomes icy. For equipment, I was wearing winter shoes, and I would definitely recommend this! But overall, the roads are good maintained.

Hiking in Korouoma during winter Posio Lapland By Claudia MartensAlong the way, we took several breaks at the multiple resting places and viewpoints where we stopped for some videos and pictures. You also find multiple campfire areas that provides an incredible view of the Brown River, also known as the largest and highest waterfall at the national reserve. It’s a really nice break to just put some sausages on at the fireplace and enjoy with some hot coffee or tea that you brought along the walk. The nature reserve is a really quiet place where you can just enjoy the silence and the nature surrounded by you. A perfect combination between an easy hike, beautiful views and some quality time with friends (or yourself).

Posio Korouoma winter hiking trip By Claudia Martens- Visit LaplandWhile I was walking, I learned that the existence of this trail goes way back and it was originally an old horse track. Along the way, I noticed that they placed information boards on the trail that tells more about this interesting history. Another thing I really liked about this hike, is that it the scene was constantly changing, there were some bridges, some more open and wide places, and then suddenly you were really walking next to the trees. Sometimes there was a more steeper part to go down or to go up, but that combination made it for me and my friends really interesting and fun.

Best Time to Visit Korouoma Nature Reserve

It is possible to pay a visit all year around! And the park has a lot of different activity opportunities depending on the season. For example, in fall: they are the perfect scene to admire the fall colors, while in summer: the national park offers unique flora and fauna, where you can go birdwatching or fishing. In the winter, the waterfalls are completely frozen and offers it one of the best place in whole Finland to practice ice climbing. Or you can for a hike, ski or snowshoe along the trails. For trails, the canyon offers a 5-km scenic route that takes you along the impressive waterfalls. Or you can follow the 25km out-and-back trail.

Posio Lapland Korouoma canyon hike in Finnish Lapland By Claudia MartensI would definitely recommend visiting Korouoma in the winter, like I did. The Frozen Waterfalls is really something that is worth checking out! But I can only imagine how beautiful it also must be in fall, with the Ruska season, or to go for some birdwatching or fishing in the long summer days! I would love to go back again and also see it from a different perspective in another season. My truly beliefs are that there is no bad time of visiting Korouoma Canyon.

A tip: cause these winter days still have a length of 4 hours light, I would recommend the way that me and my friends did it. We left Rovaniemi in the morning around 8 o’clock, so we could start our hike at 10 o’clock in the morning, so we could fully benefit from the daylight time and didn’t need headlights to guide us. After this hike, that took us around 2-2.5 hours, we drove to Posio and had a warm tea and coffee in a local café to finish our trip to the Southern part of Lapland.

How To Get There-  Korouoma, Posio

The nature reserve and canyon is located in Southern Lapland, more specifically in the Municipality of Posio. The trail starts around 35 km from the center of Posio.

Address for a GPS: Saukkovaarantie, 97815 Posio.

But no worries, on the road, you will find the Korouoma information boards!

It is accessible by several options:

If you come by car, there is a parking area located at the start of the hiking trail, where you can also find dry toilets. It is around 2 hours drive away from Rovaniemi or Kuusamo.

By bus: you first go to the village of Pernu where you walk from Rovaniementie to the starting point (5km). You can find the exact bus schedules here: Matkahuolto

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I hope that with this blog article, I could share my own experience of my Saturday hike at the Korouoma Frozen Waterfalls. My advice for you would be: save this place in your head or on a note, and hopefully, in less challenging times, you can visit Lapland and find yourself hiking in this place. Cause I can guarantee, that you will not forget this Canyon experience!

By Claudia Martens/ Visit Lapland

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