My favorite place for hiking in small budget with an amazing view I would like to introduce myself first. I’m Annica, 23 years old and I was born and raised in Rovaniemi, Lapland. In my free time I adventure in nature regardless of the season. In summer and autumn I also hunt with my dog. I also spend some time fishing. Nature in Lapland is like a cradle for me. When I live here, I can do the things I enjoy whenever I want. I mainly like places where there is a possibility of a hut where you can make a campfire. Places that are high and where you can see the sunset are also
close to my heart. In autumn and winter you can also see northern lights in this place. This is very beautiful in every season.

Martimoaapa Simo Hiking in Lapland By Annica Koivisto

MARTIMOAAPA- LUMIAAPA-PENIKAT, marsh conservation area If you want to travel to the highest point, enter the ‘’ Jääkärikämppä’’ on the navigator. From Rovaniemi to the destination you can drive in about an hour
and a half. The distance from the parking area is just under two kilometers. The journey to the top is still pretty tough. The highest point can be reached from two trails on the same road.

If you pass through Jääkärikämppä, there is a laavu, spring, day cabin, ‘’toilet’’ and woodshed. Below the laavu is a swamp where you can also pick cloudberries if there is any. Behind the laavu, there is a shabby path to the

Martimoaapa Simo Lapland Wilderness hut By Annica Koivisto

On top of Martimoaapa you will find an observation tower and accommodation for 4 people. It is not possible to set up a tent, but there are trees for the hammock. The terrain is mostly rocky, so I recommend good shoes! Also take
enough water, because there is no spring on top of Martimoaapa. 

In summer and fall, the best way to get around here is by walking. In winter and spring, skis or snowshoes are handy! There are several accommodations and hiking paths in this area, but this one is my favorite.

Supplies I recommend to pack for a day hike:
– ax
– knife
– flashlight
– dry socks
– wind jacket
– warm and dry shirt
– waterbottle
– powerbank
– first aid kit
– enough food and snacks!
– Matchsticks
– Map in phone or papermap

Hope this helped you reach an incredibly amazing destination with a great view!

Text & Images By Annica Koivisto

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