Moomin snow castle in Rovaniemi closed due to warm weather

Moomin snow castle Rovaniemi Lapland

The Moomin Snow Castle in Rovaniemi closed its door already from this week. Due to unexpected rise of temperature and warm weather conditions the structures of the castle is not working. In many part of the snow castle the installations are melted and now it's not about to offer the services for the visitors. Today the officials said that they don't want to make the visitors disappointed and decided to close it.

The inside the arctic art, cafe other structures are melted due to warm weather and some of them are not visible at all. During the last week the temperature was quite warm in the arctic circle which is very unusual during this time of the year. According to the officials, the castle was supposed to be open till March for the visitors.

Moomin snow Castle in Rovaniemi Lapland Picture by Visit Lapland

The castle in situated in the Santa Claus Village area and attracted a lot of visitors from all over the world. According to the officials of the Snow Castle, they allowed one day to visit for free but the inside is looking very different and visitors were disappointed with the condition. So they have decided to close totally.

According to the officials, new Moomin Snow castle will be built in next November and planning to open from December of this year.

The Moomin snow castle was opened 20 December 2018 in the arctic circle.