Polar Night- Kaamos in Lapland

Polar nights or Kaamos (in Finnish) has started in the northernmost city of Finland Utsjoki from today. There’s No sunshine as the Next sunrise will be in the Next year. Soon the magical polar nights will be also in other parts of our Lapland. It means the Sun is on a holiday for about two months. Next sunrise in the northernmost Finland is on 18 January 2020. Have you ever been in the north during the polar nights! 

Winter wonderland Lapland - Posio Snow Finland sunset riisitunturi

The nights in Lapland are very extra ordinary during winter time. As the snowy landscape takes place in every corner, the mighty sun takes break for a while. In our Lapland the period is about two months or 52 days when you can experience the magical moments. Today the sunsets for 52 days and till next year. The next sunrise will be on 18 January 2020 at the very north of Finland in Utsjoki city.

Polar nights are also special for its incredible colors when there are northern lights, moonlights and of course the variations of pastel, pink moments what you cannot find anywhere else. In Finnish the polar nights is called as ‘Kaamos‘ and sun doesn’t show up during this time. But in practical the nights are not as dark as you think it would be. In fact polar nights are more special to experience the lovely arctic nature and mysterious northern landscapes.

Magical Polar nights 

This time of the year is the most magical and favourite time for many nature lovers. The magical moments, pastel colors, pink moments, bright aurora dancing over the sky and many more things. All happens at its best in this dark time. In Lapland there are not so many street lights except big or tourist places. The nights are more cool with white reflections from the snow and mysterious colors every time makes your life so special. The dancing sky is probably the best what could be experienced in this dark time. As the dark nights are the perfect moment for aurora hunting in the north. What else you want from a polar night! You can go out many times and wonder the magic of darkness in Finnish Lapland. The feelings are hard to say or its just the magic what is waiting. Are you excited to experience the polar night in Lapland! 


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Polar nights are also special in the north as the big celebrations happens during this time. Christmas and New year are two main occasions to celebrate in a peaceful white landscape where only the lovely colorful days are together.

Experience the life without sun in the far north. Actually this is the time to experience the true nature and its diverse and magical moments as well. The Sun is on holiday for about two months.  So, NO SUN in our Lapland until next year.  Bye Bye Sunshine and welcome polar night. 

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