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Posio – place where the magic begins part II

In part-1 of my story I was talking about arctic hill landscapes in southern Lapland, but there is more to see in the nature of Posio. There is endless lichen carpets, sandy boreal forest of pine trees, swamps and numberless lakes and ponds. These following places are also easy to reach; there are more popular, well cared paths and areas, but also places for those who rather choose to be the only person in square kilometer (by the way population density in Posio is around 1/km²).

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Korouoma canyon in Posio- Lapland Finland Photo by Hennariikka Parviainen
Korouoma canyon in Posio.

Korouoma canyon and nature reserve

Kourouma is hundreds of millions of years old canyon where you feel yourself small. Canyon is tens of kilometers long and it offers vertical cliffs and huge rocks, at the bottom flows a river and few waterfalls appear (specially in spring), self-evident that all these are made by the latest ice age. The best sites of this canyon you may see on Koronjää route (around 5 km) in summer and winter times, the path starts from Saukkovaara parking area. In summer there are a lot of hikers and in winter months many climbers appear, these cliffs are very popular among ice climbers (Google says it is the hands down best site in Finland).

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Nature reserve in Posio

Nature reserve area is huge and even if this canyon area is spectacular, all the reserve area offers the best piece of Posio nature. All the way reserve area leads 30 km one-way hiking route from Koivuköngäs to Lapiosalmi (or vice versa) but when one-way route isn’t an option near Lapiosalmi there are plenty of paths which make circle routes. I recommend doing your research by your map app (e.g. Maastokartat or Karttaselain) in advance, the path network is insane in this area! My favorite places to have a break are for example Kuulea and Kaivoslampi, most likely there will not be anyone else there. As always, I have already started to figure out where to go next when visiting this area. I think I will hike all the way from Korouma Posio to Simojärvi Ranua.

Kuulea Posio in Lapland, Finland during summer Spot the bestie! Photo by Hennariikka Parviainen
Kuulea Posio. Spot the bestie!

Random route from Lauhkea to Lapiosalmi, Posio

When looking at maps at least in Posio, you always find random paths and when you start following them, you realize how enormous the path network is. Starting point may be hard to find sometimes, but terrain in this area is typically easy to walk and you can leave your car aside on a small road. Along Posio – Ranua road leads tens of kilometers long path network where you will most likely get to hike alone. Lean to’s (or wrecks of them) may be on your way and route marking might be gone but miraculously the paths are still there.

If you want an experience like this, I would suggest you to look at a lake called Lauhkea from the map app and then follow the path near by all the way to Konttijärvi and Lapiolampi. The route goes along many lakes and ponds, but the soil is mostly dry pine tree forest. Your mind will be relaxed when passing those landscapes where the crystal clear lake shines on both sides of you and there is no one else around you. From Lapiolampi there are only stones thrown to Lapiosalmi wilderness center, where you have access to all the Kourouma path network and also further. When reading this you must understand what I was meaning when talking about endless paths in Posio.

Posio is a dream destination for us, who love paths and specially finding new ones. So download the map app to your phone and start your adventure already when sitting on home couch!

Konttijärvi Posio. Lakes on both sides of the path and no one nearby- Lapland, Finland summer Photo Hennariikka Parviainen
Konttijärvi Posio. Lakes on both sides of the path and no one nearby.

Hopefully these stories excite you to explore in Posio, let’s find new gems of nature! Also follow my Instagram @exploreeri for more stories and come tell me your best tips for Lapland at my latest post. See ya!

♦⊃ Story & Images By  Hennariikka Parviainen ⊂♦

Posio Lapland- Where The Magic Begins ( Part I)

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