“We are at the beginning of February, the perfect winter season to go on a hike! The days are long enough and the sky is generally clear. For several days we have been lucky, we have great sun in Rovaniemi. So we took advantage of this pleasant weather with Claudia, intern at Visit Lapland. The temperature was -8 ° C, which on a clear sky is exceptional, temperatures can often drop to -20 ° C in February.

Hiking in Rovaniemi Lapland Vikaköngäs
The start of the hike is about 20 minutes drive from Rovaniemi city center. Vikaköngäs is a very popular place! The place is known for its torrential river which never freezes in winter. It is also a place where it is possible to observe the Northern Lights during the night.

The hike begins at the famous river overlooked by its bridge

Vikaköngäs bridge - Arctic circle hiking area Rovaniemi Lapland
We continued in the forest near the river for about 2km, before arriving at an observation point on the heights. Despite a few times when we got into the snow, the path was quite passable with good, warm and waterproof shoes. Walking in the snow remains physical! At the end of these 2km in the snow, we were able to enjoy this magical view:
Arctic circle hiking area in Rovaniemi - Vikaköngäs Lapland By Marion

Magical view of Vikaköngäs hiking trail Rovaniemi Lapland
The hike continues for 1.6 km to make a loop and return to the starting point. Unfortunately the rest of the hike was impractical without snowshoes or cross-country skis. We sank to the thighs! We weren’t ready for another kilometer in 1 meter of snow … Before to get back, we enjoyed the open fire place close to the beginning of the hike. It is a nice place to take a break, drink some coffee and eat some snacks.

Vikaköngäs hiking trails view from the top
I recommend this hike if you want to enjoy the landscapes of Lapland without going on an expedition. It is a hike that could be doable with older children.

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Texts & Images By Marion Lefevre

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