Ruska – the shining autumn colours of Lapland

Autumn in Lapland is more spectacular than you might think. Ruska (Finnish) describes the colour of the autumn foliage in Lapland. It is the time when the leaves on the trees change their colour from green to a shiny yellow, glowing red or warm orange. Usually, this phenomenon starts around mid of September. The exact time might differ from year to year a bit. The nature starts to prepare itself for the winter. Temperatures are dropping, nights get colder, days get shorter and Northern Lights start to appear. It makes many people travel to the north and enjoy this beautiful season in Lapland.

Showing the Ruska colours
Ruska in the northern part of Finland – Photo: Lorenzo Mirandola

Experience Ruska

Ruska does not describe just any autumn colours. Experiencing Ruska in Lapland gave me one of the of the most magnificent and stunning views in Lapland. Nature shows all its beauty in thousands of different colours. It took my breath when the sun comes out and let the colours shine even brighter. Its atmosphere feels calm and relaxing and you can feel that the winter is going to arrive.

Enjoy outdoor: hiking, biking, fishing, camping, berry picking,…

Ruska is the perfect time for a huge variety of outdoor activities. It is one of the best hiking seasons in Lapland and gives stunning views especially near rivers and lakes. Landscape photographers will definitely find beautiful spots for their shots.

Beautiful views by a river – Photo: Lorenzo Mirandola

Also, for Camping for example in Lappish national parks Ruska has its advantages. It is not too cold yet (maximum – 5 degrees during the night) and you can enjoy a nice hike during the day and sleep outside by a fire which gives the opportunity to see the Northern Lights without driving anywhere. Sounds good, no?

Camping unter the Northern Lights – Photo: Luisa Schaffner

Actually, due to the earth’s position towards the sun, the Northern Lights activity is comparatively high in autumn. Even better makes it the fact that the lakes and rivers are not frozen yet, so you can see a nice reflection of the Northern Lights.

Showing the reflection of the Northern lights in a lake
Refection of the Northern Lights – photo: Luisa Schaffner

Further Ruska is the perfect time to collect your own food from the forest: Blueberrys, Cloudberrys, Lingonberrys or Mushrooms. Some healthy super food straight from the forest. You can prepare your own blueberry jam, mushroom risotto or just eat them directly from the forest.

Lappish superfood: Blueberries – Photo: Luisa Schaffner

Lapland Clean up Week – Autumn

Our Visit Lapland team choose this this year biking as our Ruska activity. One of the most beautiful parts we did, was the street between Karigasniemi and Utsjoki. Following the river Karasjohka we enjoyed magnificent views with the mountains and the river next to us. Meanwhile we were collecting trash next to the street to make Our Lapland a little bit more cleaner and nature happier. Check the event on our Facebook page!

Biking during Ruska time on OurLapland Clean up Trip – Photo: Lorenzo Mirandola

All in all, autumn time and especially Ruska is a great time to visit Lapland especially when you are a fan of outdoor sport activities. No matter if hard core hiking or just enjoying little walks!

Ruska in Kilpisjävi – Photo: Luisa Schaffner

Wirtten by Luisa Schaffner

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