Snow Village in Kittilä

My name is Claudia and I would like to share my visit to the Snow Village in Kittilä few days ago. 

Since the 25th of December 2020, Lapland Hotels Snowvillage is welcoming their visitors again for the magical world of ice and snow. Every single year, the theme differences, as well as the shape, size and design than the year before. In the 20th edition this year, Lapland Hotels Snowvillage presents: theme Macro World. The aim of this theme is that visitors will experience themselves very small next to these sculptures. And I can honestly say, that for me this mission is completed! You could really feel yourself small next to these ice transformations.

Personally, I heard about this Snow Village in 2019, when the theme was Game of Thrones. So I was really excited to visit and experience a snow village myself. While I was paying a visit, I learned that around 350 000 kilos of crystal clear natural ice and 20 million kilos of snow is required to build this enormous construction that includes ice sculptures, an ice bar and ice restaurant and decorated snow suites where you can spend the night.  A special edit: you can actually get married in this unique place, unfortunately they were not able to build the Ice chapel for this season. But they offer their traditional and atmospheric wooden chapel for your special day.

Arriving in the snow village

I found this unique Snowvillage in the Western part of Finnish Lapland, 200 km above the Arctic Circle, more precisely in the municipality Kittilä. At the main road, you come across information boards who will guide you to the place. The last kilometers are in the middle of the forest, which made me even more exciting to see it.

Arriving, I discovered this enormous snow building. Then I went inside, where you can find a little shop for souvenirs and get to the reception where I was openly greeted. After this, I explored the Snowvillage for an afternoon and was stunned by the detailed work they put into this site. As I kept walking, I came across overwhelming ice sculptures who acquired to the theme, really made you feel small. Inside, besides from the sculptures, you also find an ice bar where you can order your favorite drinks, an ice restaurant and different types of accommodation.

A tip: bear in mind, that inside the temperature is mostly under 0 Celsius degrees, so make sure you dress warm. But you will forget about the cold, cause the environment is so imposing.

Snow suites overnight Stay

SnowVillage will offer 9 Snow suites with a capacity for 2-5 persons and 4 cabins for 2-4 persons. Sleeping bags will be offered to keep you warm even in a temperature of -20 Celsius degrees. For the snow cabins, the check in will start at 16:00. And the checkout will be at 11:00.

For the snow suites, the check in starts at 17:00 and ends at 21:00. When you finish the check in, you have the possibility to join the overnight tour, where all the needed information will be provided. These tours will start from the reception at 17:00, 18:00, 19:00 and 20:00. Breakfast will take place from 8:00-10:00, located at Log restaurant Krouvi.

Another side note is the temperature of the igloos, they can stay from 0 and -5 Celsius degrees, despised what the outside temperature is. Snowvillage recommends the customers to wear sports underwear of synthetic materials and a fleece mid layer garment. Next to the snow cabin and snow suite, the Snowvillage also offers a teepee cottage for two, or a cabin for four, these accommodations are located close to the Lapland Hotels Snowvillage.


For the restaurants, making a reservation for a table in advance is recommended. Contact to book a table can be by email: or call +358 16 323 6050.  In the Ice Restaurant (open from 25th December 2020 – 4th April 2021):
dinner will be served from 17:00 until 20:30. 
In Log restaurant Krouvi (open from 25th December 2020 – 11th April 2021):
a soup buffet will be available from 11:00 until 16:00 and the dinner will be from 17:00 until 20:30. More details about the snow village can be found from their website

Snow Village opening hours and Prices

The exact location of the Snowvillage is; Lainiotie 566, 99120 Kittlilä. It is close located from Ylläs (15 min) and Levi ski-resorts (40 min), as well as the airport of Kittilä (20 min). Regular tours from the resorts of Levi and Ylläs will be provided by car or snowmobile to the SnowVillage.

The SnowVillage will open the doors from 25th December 2020 until 11th April 2021. The price to enter is the following: €19 for an adult, €11 for a child (4-14 years). For guided tours: €66 for 1-30 persons. The tours require a booking in advance. Note: the entrance fee is not include in the price. 

Sadly, I didn’t sleep there overnight, but if I have the chance again, I would for sure want to experience an overnight in this pleasant setting. Personally, I would recommend you to pay a visit! Because for me it was really a unique first experience in a snow village and especially to see for myself how much details the artists put into these ice sculptures made a deep impression on me!

♦ By Claudia Martens/ Visit Lapland
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