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Yoga in the nature in Lapland

Perfect wellness travel destination- Finnish Lapland

In today’s world we are constantly being surrounded by rush: being online and available 24/7 through phone, using hours in social media and just overall being very stressed. When you are going on a holiday, probably for many the aim is to relax. Lapland is in fact a perfect destination for some relaxation and wellness travelling. In general the atmosphere in Lapland is just very easy-going. The slow local lifestyles helps you to stop for a moment and really take the needed time for yourself. Minna Kataja from Arctic Sky describes that for Finns it’s natural to get in connection with nature. Research has also shown that being on the forest actually has an impact on your physical and mental health: it relieves stress, decreases blood pressure and relaxes your mind.

Yoga in the nature in Lapland

What is wellness travelling?

Wellness can mean a lot of different things to different people. In a nutshell, it is something that makes you feel good and makes your quality of life better. This is something that many are now interested of continuing on their holidays as well: nowadays going on a holiday doesn’t necessarily mean just laying on the pool for seven days. As the wellness trend in tourism keeps on growing, many destinations are opening services to support this. There are many examples: spa resorts, active holiday destinations, yoga holidays and meditation retreats can be a part of a wellness holiday.

Meditation moment in the nature
Photo by Arctic Sky (Heikki Sulander Photo)

Wellness travelling is also very much possible here in Lapland! We have the nature, the atmosphere and the best local food. But what kind of wellness related possibilities does Lapland actually has to offer?

Retreats in the Arctic Nature

Arctic Sky in Saariselkä in the middle of the Arctic wilderness organizes different kinds of wellness retreats in Lapland. Here you are able to really give some time for yourself and get the wellness experience. The owners Minna and Aarno describe that they are aiming for the Arctic nature to make you feel better.  Enjoying yourself is what matters the most! ‘’ We are lucky to have the cleanest air, environment and food here. The Arctic sky resorts location enables travelers to take a break from noise and light pollution”, tells Minna.

Lapland wellness travel- Arctic sky Lapland Finland

Yoga in the fells of Lapland
Photo by Arctic Sky (Heikki Sulander Photo)

With the Arctic Sky you have multiple options: you can either for example participate on their Arctic Retreats or make your own private vacation based on your own interests. Participate on mind & body exercises, have relaxing moments in sauna, learn about Finnish herbs and local foods and most importantly – relax and rest. Experience the revitalizing effects of yoga and nature in their Arctic Wellness Retreat or enjoy the tranquility and peace at Arctic Silence Retreat. 

”We want to help our foreign customers to connect with the nature by offering versatile and Lappish nature experience combined with the effects of wellness from yoga”, Minna Kataja.

Yoga in Lapland
Photo by Husky & Yoga Nature

Yoga experiences in the wilderness

Husky & Yoga Nature in Rovaniemi offers multiple wellness services around Lapland. They let you to be a part of their authentic lifestyle in the middle of the amazing nature. What could be a better combination for relaxation than some yoga, huskies and being on the arctic nature? Their services started from their own passion. The owners Aksana and Antti tell that sometimes during the tours it feels like it’s a group of friends who are spending time together. The customers are basically taken as a part of their everyday life – this is how they live and you can experience that as well. They both agree that being on the nature is something they absolutely love, and it can be seen on their services as well.

”We want to introduce our lifestyle to you and do things with you that we enjoy”, Aksana and Antti Kurola

Husky & yoga nature activities 

Aksana and Antti tell that the best part is the authenticity and the closeness to the nature. Their home in the beautiful surrounding of Sierijärvi offers you the best environment to relax. You can just come and everything has been settled for you. The group sizes are kept small so that there is really time for everyone. They are organizing yoga hikes, husky therapy, and also yoga lessons for private groups. Especially the yoga hikes are interesting, because during the hikes you are able to only concentrate on yourself and enjoying the nature – everything else is done for you. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced in yoga, where you are from or what is your age, this suits for you.
Ice swimming in Lapland in the winter

Traditional Finnish well-being

In addition to organized possibilities for wellness travelling in Lapland, there are other options as well. The combination of sauna and ice swimming is probably one of the most relaxing combinations in the world! These traditional Finnish activities can increase your well-being while staying in Lapland. Also, the health impacts of both of these activities are huge. Sauna is actually good for your heart; it increases your resistance and most importantly gives you the feeling of relaxation. Ice swimming again makes your circulation better and gives you so much energy. Even though it might sound crazy to go into a frozen lake after a steaming sauna, it’s definitely worth it. If you are already familiar with the normal sauna experience, make sure to try smoked sauna as well!

Blueberries and lingonberries in Lapland

Lapland wild food from the forests

Have you heard of Everyman’s rights in Finland? It’s a law that allows you to use the nature and for example pick your own food from the forests. Lapland is the destination of super foods – all the local herbs, berries and mushrooms are the best for your body. How nice it is to go into the nature and gather the ingredients of your next meal yourself? In the summer you can pick for example blueberries and cloudberries. In the fall again comes the season of lingonberries and mushrooms. At the same time you can enjoy the surrounding, eat the best super foods in the world and get a great experience – this is relaxation Lapland style at its best!

Try Local products

If you want to get even more deeper to the arctic nature, there are a lot of restaurants and products in Finnish Lapland who serve you the best from the Lappish nature. While visiting Lapland, make sure you try restaurants who are using local ingredients to get the best culinary experiences! Also, don’t forget your souvenirs. For example Arctic Warriors, who is using amazing herbs and berries in their products, is something to look into. Why wouldn’t you try for example spruce sprout powder, which smell takes you right back to the Finnish forest, or herb shots to increase your resistance? 

Midnight sun in Ylläs

Take yourself into the nature

One of the easiest way to have a holiday full of wellness experiences is to simply go to the nature. It can’t be highlighted enough how many health impacts does it have only to spend time in the fresh air and enjoy. Wellness can be that simple: just go to the forest, close your eyes for a moment and listen to the silence. The forest of course allows you to go hiking, exploring, do various of sports that can also increase your well-being. But sometimes the thing you need is to do nothing. And this is what you really can do in our Lapland: you are not in a rush anytime. You can just relax and enjoy.

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