Lapland offers something for everyone

Lapland offers unforgettable experiences for everyone. The changing seasons, calming nature, unique events and traditional Finnish lifestyle are in the core of the magic of Lapland. We asked you if you prefer the summer or the winter in Lapland: 35% answered summer, 65% answered winter. It’s amazing to see that also the summer interests many! Right now it’s very important to develop the summer season in Lapland as well.

No matter where in the world you are from, you should visit Lapland at least once. As located in the very north, it’s a very unknown territory for many. It’s the home of Santa Claus, one of the most calming places in the world and full of things to see, do and enjoy.

But what do you love the most about Lapland?

We asked and you answered!Wooden hiking path in Lapland during the summer

The lightness, sun and endless days in the summer

Many of you loved the midnight sun and the lightness in the summer. The sun is shining 24/7 during the midnight season, and you can enjoy the endless days of Lapland during the summer months. Also cloudberries, silence, clean waters and nature were things you admired in the summertime.

‘’Midnight sun is the best thing in the world!’’

Midnight sun in Lapland

Colors of the sky and snowy landscapes in the winter

The most loved thing during the winter in Lapland were snow, the northern lights and the landscapes. The trees filled with snow, ‘’tykkylumi’’ like we say in Finnish, snow activities like snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice swimming and walking on frozen swamps were your most memorable moments in the Lapland winter.

‘’The northern lights, the snow, the country, the people… this package!’’

Winter in Riisitunturi National Park
Also woolen clothes, the fact that there are no mosquitoes and the crispy winter weather were mentioned many times. Simply the beautiful nature, frost, piles of snow and silence are something you will remember for the rest of your life.

‘’I love the northern lights, looking on them in a cold night with snow on the ground’’

Northern lights in Rovaniemi Lapland

The both the better

Many of you also told that no matter of the season, Lapland is anyway unforgettable. Wildlife all year around, reindeer wandering in the woods, beautiful landscapes all year long, the serenity and relaxed atmosphere are things that you can enjoy in Lapland whenever you come.

‘’Everything! Both are as good’’

River view in the summertime in Lapland

It would be easy if the travelling in Lapland would only be delimited to winter and summer: in the fall time you can admire the changing colors of the nature, and in the spring time follow when the days get longer and the area starts to wake up from the long winter time.

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