Don’t buy winter clothing for your trip in Lapland – rent them instead!

If you are visiting Lapland especially in the wintertime, you might be thinking: what to wear at the arctic temperatures? In the winter, the temperatures can easily go to -20 degrees and under. Then you really want to wear enough clothes! If you are planning on doing any activities like husky rides, snowmobile adventures, skiing or just spending time outdoors, you want to keep yourself warm. But is it possible to rent winter clothing in Lapland? Yes it is!People watching northern lights in Lapland

It’s not necessary to buy all the winter clothes and equipment from your home country. In fact, it’s not even a very sustainable option. Especially if you are living in a warmer country and don’t have the need for them that often! With renting, you also save a lot of space from your luggage. In the wintertime in Lapland you need a lot of different things: proper shoes to walk in the snow, a good jacket and winter trousers. For many an overall can be the most convenient option. Gloves, hats and wool socks are also a must! Here you can also see what other things you might need for your outdoor adventures. Many safari companies are including winter clothing in their activities, but you might want them for your whole stay.

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Find renting places from your holiday destination in Lapland

Winter Wear Finland rents clothing from the Helsinki Airport. The pick-up point is located in terminal 2. When returning the clothes, you will just bring them to the Airpro Travel Service at the airport.

Lapland Safaris is renting thermal clothing for 21€/person for day + night. They are operating in Rovaniemi, Kemi, Levi, Luosto, Saariselkä and Ylläs.

Wild Nordic in Rovaniemi is renting winter clothing for 20€/person/day. They have an office at the Santa Claus Village, where you can get the clothes or with an extra fee they can be delivered to your hotel.

Snowfun Safaris at Äkäslompolo are renting individual winter clothing pieces, for example jackets, shoes and pants for 5€/day or 25€/week and overalls with 10€/day or 50€/week.

Safartica has their offices in Rovaniemi and Ylläs, and they are renting thermal clothes for 16€/person/day (includes overall, winter boots, wool socks, headwear, gloves and scarf). The clothes will be picked up and returned to their office if not agreed otherwise.

Arctic Attitude in Rovaniemi is renting winter clothing sets with 25€/day or 95€/week.

Elan Ski Shop & Rental in Levi offers rentals for 29€/person/day (+9€ for the following day if wanted) or 59€/week. It includes jacket, trousers, gloves and shoes.

Kakslauttanen in Saariselkä is renting thermal clothing (including winter boots) for 22€/person/day.

From Hotel Korpikartano in Inari you can rent a clothing set including overall, winter boots, hat, balaclava, mittens and woolen socks with 20€/day, 45€/3 days or 95€/week.

Hetta Huskies in Enontekiö are renting jackets, shoes and trousers 5€/day or 25€/week per piece (or 15€ per set/day and 75€/week), overalls for 10€/day or 50€/week.

If you are staying at the Arctic Snow Hotel in Sinettä, Rovaniemi you can rent winter clothing for 20€/person for your whole visit.

From Santa’s Hotel Aurora in Luosto you can get overall, boots, gloves and a hat with 25€/day (9-17) or 120€/week.


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