Everyday adventures in Lapland & my busy Arctic life – is this for real!

Everyday life in Luosto Finnish Lapland- Visit Lapland blog by Anouska
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Moving to different country is a big step, but if it feels like home why not risk everything and take the jump! I moved to Lapland from the Netherlands due to my love for three things: huskies, snow and silence. But during my time of living here I have grown fond of the Lappish summers as well; they are full of adventures and possibilities.

Lapland in Summer

Summer here are silent but full off energy, and we have the midnight sun to thank for this. Having daylight during literally the whole day makes me very excited and willful to go outside every free moment I have. So, most of my time is spend exploring the arctic nature with my two Siberian huskies. Whether it´s by foot, bike, canoe or car, we are up for the adventure!

Arctic Life in Pyhä Luosto- Finnish Lapland, Visit Lapland ourlapland.fi

My life in Luosto

I am grateful to be able to call the beautiful Pyhä-Luosto area my home. We have a magnificent National Park with many trails to explore and some nice lakes to take a dip in or just simply admire from the side. And of course, picking some berries and mushrooms are a great thing to spend your time on here also. And you know what I enjoy the most? That the next person can be km´s away which means I only share my direct surroundings with the birds, plants and probably some reindeers whom are lurking behind every tree here.

Having daylight during literally the whole day makes me very excited and willful to go outside every free moment I have.

Next to this I spend my time working, which might sound boring but it totally isn’t in my case! During working hours I take care and train about 220 sled dogs which can be pretty time consuming as you might be able to imagine. Arctic Life in Luosto, Finnish Lapland, AnouskaThese huskies are set to work during winter season to give many tourist the experience of driving their own team of sled dogs, Which is in my opinion the best thing in the world. And the huskies are of the same mind, they absolutely love to hit the trails and run as fast and far as they can!

Silence is Golden

Even though Lapland is, especially among foreigners, famous for it’s very long and beautiful winter I recommend paying a visit here in summer or autumn time. Most certainly if you are a lover of nature and want to experience every part of it! The surroundings here are stunning and the silence is golden.Arctic nature of Finnish Lapland Puhä Luosto By Anouska

Story & Images By Anouska Terlouw, Instagram