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Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi christmas snow winter lapland arctic circle Finland by Jasim Sarker

Where To Stay In Rovaniemi

Accommodations in Rovaniemi  Rovaniemi offers a wide range of accommodation from luxury to budget friendly options round the year. Find the best places to stay in Rovaniemi. Here are some of the Read More

aurora in lapland finland- northern lights Muonio Kittilä Ylläs by Jasim Sarker

Finland New Travel Restrictions For External Borders From 28 November

Finland Travel Restrictions Update Finland restricts entry from seven African countries due to the new covid variant omicron spread out. Entry from other countries and from the EU are allowed with the Read More

Aurora lapland finland northern lights By Jasim Sarker

Finland External Border Restrictions Continues, Fully Vaccinated Allowed To Enter

Finland Restrictions on external border will continue Restrictions on external border traffic will continue as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. Despite the increase in vaccination coverage, there is still a risk Read More

Polar night view in Utsjoki Finnish Lapland by Satu laiho

Polar Nights Has Begun in Lapland: Where Sun Doesn’t Rise Now

Polar Night- Kaamos in Lapland, Finland Have you ever experienced the days without the sunlight! In Finnish Lapland and in the arctic north its here again. Polar nights or Kaamos (in Finnish) Read More

Salla ski resort in Finnish Lapland Winter dream landscape Finland by Iida Aletta - Visit Lapland

It’s Official: Finland’s New National Park is Sallatunturi

New National Park in Salla, Finland Now it’s official. Finnish Parliament approved the proposal of establishing a new national park in Sallatunturi, the eastern part of Finnish Lapland. Sallatunuri will be the Read More