Kilpisjärvi , Finland– The arctic paradise (part-2)

1080 driving kilometers, 13 travelling hours and finally one of the most famous fells of Finland is on my sight. The all mighty Saana fell, a nordic mountain. We have been arrived to Kilpisjärvi. It’s strange but immediately when we arrive, it starts to feel like home. I’ve never lived in Lapland but I think home is where your soul is home. Here’s the link of the part 1.

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Fourth day in Kilpisjärvi

Oh yes! The weather looks perfect for hike to Saana fell. Cloudy but not too much wind and it’s not raining. Raincoats has been our best friends during these past days. Better still took those with us because weather can be tricky sometimes.

We start our hike from Kilpisjärvi camping & holiday village’s parking lot. I have conquered the Saana fell with Juro already two times. One time we didn’t get on the top because of thick fog that came out of nowhere. That time it was wise to go back. For my mother and my niece, this is a first time.

Juro is so helpful to me in steep uphills. As a sled dog he is, he helps me by pulling me up. As we go downhill, he slows down so I won’t fall. He supports my every step. What a great partner I have. I am forever thankful for this dog. Once one kid told me that Juro is just like a bear but looks like a lion. I think that is correct description of him.

Kilpisjärvi truly has stolen my heart and soul – Visit Finnsih Lapland Saana Tunturi Finland

Saana Summit Finally

When we are half way up, the weather is changing drastically. There is wind. And rain. A lot of rain. So happy that we brought raincoats with us. In Lapland you should always prepare for everything. And today the majestetic Saana was on tricky mood. Hiking on the top of Saana isn’t always as simple as it sounds. But with Finnish ”sisu” we decide to go all the way through. We are not going to give up because a ”little” rain.

Finally after all the struggle with bad weather we get on the top. 1029 meters. Especially my 63 year old, first offender mother deserves a medal for this. A quick photos on the top. Even quicker writings to the guest book. I’m so cold that I can’t feel my thighs anymore. So downhill we go. The rocks are quite slippery because of the rain. Our good equipment’s deceive us, we are wet as a dog.

When we have been walking about 100 meters down from the top the weather is changing. Again. This time for the better. Suddenly there are no rain and no wind at all. The clouds are moving. Fog is gone. Sun is shining. I can feel my thighs again. We think should we go back up so my mom and niece could see the views from top but we think it’s wise to just continue going down. Maybe next time. We agreed that next time we do this hike – if the weather is PERFECT. And next is will be during autumn.

Majestic View of Saana- Kilpisjärvi

You don’t have even go on the top of Saana to have a spectacular views. The sight is magnificent. This is my third time conquering Saana and the landscapes amazes me over and over again. This is the landscape of my soul. It’s so beautiful. So rugged. I could watch these views forever. Some things you can’t even explain with words. You just have to experience it that so you could understand what kind of beauty we are talking now. Photos tell a lot but not a whole story.

Although the weather was bad most of the time, I am happy we do this hike. The landscapes are worth of all the struggles.

Nightless night in Lapland

This evening we have to pack. This is our last evening here at this point. That always makes me sad. I never want to leave from Kilpisjärvi. I could easily stay here forever. And if that would be possible; I would stay here. Live my life in this wonderful place. That dream lives in my heart.

Evening and night is so beautiful. No clouds. Sun is shining. A spectacular nightless night. Can’t stay in cottage, have to go photographing. Midnight sun is one of the wonders in Lapland. Reindeers are walking in the middle of the roads – without no rush to anywhere. Us humans would have a lot to learn from these beautiful creatures.

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Last day – the leaving day

The car is packed. It’s time to check out from cottage. We have a long drive ahead of us, but we have to do one last hike here. We decided to go to Saana’s nature trail. Do I even have to say; it’s a beautiful trail? Everything here is. It is about 5 kilometers long so it’s perfect for last day.

From Saana nature trail there is a pretty good view to Little Malla fell. Again, one of my favourite places here. There is also a beautiful forest that looks like a fairy forest. So much water streams where you could fill your water bottle.

All good things comes to an end, eventually. Now it is time to leave this all behind and go back home. A girl can leave from Kilpisjärvi but Kilpisjärvi never leaves from girl. Kilpisjärvi truly has stolen my heart and soul – and a little bit of my mind too. Sooner or later I will come back here. And this time it’s sooner. I’ve already booked a new trip on fall. Can’t wait already. Until then this place lives in my heart and soul, in my memories. Until we meet again.

Kilpisjärvi – The Arctic Paradise (Part- 1)

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