Snowy October in Finnish Lapland

Usually especially in the north of Lapland, the first snow starts to stay between mid October and mid November. At the moment – 18th of October 2021 – the north-west part of Lapland is already fully covered with a little bit of snow. For example in Levi winter is already coming in Lapland. There are already 30 cm of snow on the top of the mountains. In the valley there are now around 5 cm of snow depth. In Kilpisjärvi are at the moment 2 to 5 cm of snow. Of course, from week to week there will be more fresh snow.

Pallas nationalpark with the first snow, Photo: Luisa Schaffner

A trip to Ylläs-Pallas Nationalpark in early winter

This time of the year is great for outdoor trips, especially to nationalparks a bit north of Rovaniemi. We as Visit Lapland went last week to the Pallas nationalpark 3 hours north of Rovaniemi. On top of the fell we had already some fresh snow and we could do a nice hike in the first snow. We catched a wonderful sunset from the top of the mountain. Further it is still a great time for camping as the temperatures are not too low yet. You can find nice spots on a lake or a river!

Sunset hike in Pallas nationalpark in October, Photo: Lorenzo Mirandola


Reindeer in Pallas nationalpark with the first snow, Photo: Luisa Schaffner

Start of the Ski season in Lapland

The ski season in Lapland started on the 8th of October in the Ski resorts Levi and in Ruka. With a special technic,  the snow from last year is stored on the slopes during the summer. As soon as it gets colder in autumn, the snow will be distributed on the main slopes which makes skiing already in early October possible. From now on you can enjoy downhill skiing in our Lapland! 

Find more information on the website of Levi Ski Resort and Ruka Ski Resort.

Photo: Claudia Martens

Other popular places in Lapland for Skiing are for example Saariselkä, Ylläs-Pallas Nationalpark, Pyhä-Luosto national park.

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