Yes. It’s Finland- Ranked as Top Country to Travel in 2019

Global Wildlife Index 2019 Finland the best country to Visit in 2019

What else yo wold expect! Again, Finland named the Best destination for traveling for the diverse natural beauty and wildlife. According to the Global Wildlife Travel index 2019, Finland is top in the list.

We all know that Finland is also the worlds happiest country according to the World Happiness report 2019.

Are you fan of northern life and wilderness! You have enough reason now to travel to the ultimate destination Finland. Take a break to discover Finnish nature and visit the authentic lifestyle and wilderness of our Lapland and the beauty of north. You can book activities  from the website and discover the wildlife in the north.

Global Wildlife Travel Index 2019

In the Global Wildlife Travel Index 2019 the ranking is made compiling the data in different categories.

The report mentioned that the 2019 analysis has found Finland to be the best destination in the world for wildlife travel – thanks to its high levels of environmental sustainability, its unique and varied diversity of species, beautiful natural landscapes, and conservation efforts.

Sweden ranked second in the list and the other countries of top 10 are Brazil (3rd), Canada (4th), United States (5th), Norway (6th), Spain (7th), Germany (8th), Poland (9th) and Slovenia.

So, the best of the best if Finland according to the report by True Luxury Travel. Are you coming to Visit Finland and our Lapland!

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